Social Media Optimization 

What is SMO?

SMO stands for Social Media Optimization. SMO aims at increasing and consolidating presence of a brand or a even a personal profile. By optimising social media, we can maximize the impact of social network with respecting the terms and rules. Social Media Optimization involves the production of content on social networks in order to increase audience engagement and generate more followers for your brand. SMO practices can be used to generate access to your website. Also take the opposite path, using your web pages to generate access to the main channels where your brand is present.
Advantages of SMO
Increase brand awareness

Social media is a powerful communication channel. Social media is a space or platform where users look for entertainment, gather information, news, and other relevant content.

Improve conversion rate

Social media is an interactive platform, so it makes the company/brand show their human side, the emotional component, which is difficult to show in other mediums. This triggers a vast and different type of customer response, this engagement and loyalty increase customer retention.

Enrich the customer experience.

Social media is an open dialog window. When a company or brand is willing to listen, this can facilitate the rapprochement between the company and the customer. This improves the brand image for the targeted audience, and they place it as a preferred option.


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