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With new technology emerging and Digital Marketing (DM) preponderance, companies are doing all they can to match the pace. A digital city like Dubai, stuffed with varieties of companies / business, competition is very high in every sector. As the proverb, early bird catches the prey, everyone should be prior in the technological and digital aspects (not for the prey but for the valued customer).

Digital marketing in Dubai

Dubai, UAE is a global hub, a hub for commerce and tourism. A lot of companies tend to be investing and or based in Dubai. Well, that can be answered by the fact that UAE ranks $2.3 billion as the largest market share in the Middle East in terms of e-commerce, and also the 5th highest internet penetration in the Middle East. Dubai itself has the largest Internet use on smartphones in the Middle East.

Due largely to the fact that much of the country’s population is expatriates from other nations, you find that a significant segment of society relies on the Internet. There is great demand for web-based and regional online marketing.

Major steps to build a successful digital marketing strategy

Making a successful digital marketing strategy is not an easy task. Knowing the regional preferences, demographics, tastes etc are very important. Always research on the customers as much as you can.

We can build a successful digital marketing strategy by knowing the “8 major steps”.

Discussing 8 main objectives you must know.

  1. Goals, targets, and objectives

Should have a clear-cut idea, what you exactly need.

There are several different targets you can concentrate on of various forms. Some important ones you should be aware of are brand awareness, growth of followers, conversions and the generation of leads.

Brand recognition should stand at the top of your list. You did it when people start using your brand name to refer to a common term. But getting there is a lengthy process.

  1. Know your customer

Who are your customers? Where are they from? Always try to know them.

What kinds of people would you like to target? If you already have a website and have analytics going, you can pull data to see what kinds of people are shopping for your products. You will need to do some homework if you are just starting out.

  1. Track and research on competitors

Track the right competitors. Research and analyse their approach.

In terms of competition it is important to get the latest online environment. Analyze what the competitors are doing. It could help you discover the areas you need to refine up.

  1. Search engine marketing

Choose the right keywords, proper on-page/off-page SEO, and Use Search engine Ads

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is an internet marketing tool which is simply promoting the website. By bidding on search terms, it increases site popularity in search engines. SEM also helps organisations to get reliable performance monitoring and in-depth analysis of promotions. You will figure out how much value you create which further helps you make informed decisions.

  1. Social media marketing

Firstly, select a suitable Social media channel, optimize it, and start marketing

Your primary aim should be engaging the audience with creative contents (images, videos, texts etc.)

  1. Content is the king

Blogs, press release, eBooks, LinkedIn – Any form of content, don’t forget to keep quality top-notch

It is implemented through frequent blogging, press releases, guest blogging, webinars, eBooks, articles etcetera to raise brand recognition and reputation.

Digital Marketing is a type of marketing that focuses primarily on producing, publishing and distributing content via the online media for the target audience.

  1. Mobile marketing

Choose the correct technical aspects and suitable platforms

Mobile is a gadget we always carry & it acts as a gateway to digital multichannel promotion.

  1. Measure every result

Experiment, explore, and execute. But measure it always.

You should have a clear idea of the outcome- where went wrong / where went right.

Only keep exploring, experimenting and implementing your conventions is everything you can do.

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